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En: viernes, septiembre 21, 2018

Who could have guessed that fanny bags would be in fashion again?

Well, they are.

This type of bags were top sales in the 80s / 90s, widely used by athletes or tourists to take just what is necessary in their daily outings. However, it was a style that did not stick and that many considered a fad.

The fanny packs are the latest trend in bags, ideal for traveling and that you should not forget this vacations.

We tell you why.


If there is something that stands out from the fanny packs, it is its practicality.

The fanny packs are one of the bags to which you can give the most varied uses, both during the day and with your most elegant outfits for the night.

If you are on vacaYion, this small bag will allow you to have your hands free to take photos or take your tourist guide map. In addition, you can visit the best places with all the essentials items and walk comfortably. Take your keys, mobile, glasses or money with you and forget about the heavy bags that take up space.

Forget to use it only with casual outfits!

If you decide to go out to dinner, you can match your fanny bag with your formal look getting the latest fashion.

Its design has been reinvented so much since the 90s that now, fanny packs are present on the catwalks around the world, along with famous brands such as Chanel, Moschino or Kenzo.

Bolso riñonera mostaza, uno de los bolsos tendencia ideales para viajar

The fanny packs will always be with you

Carrying your fanny pack on top is one of the advantages they have over other types of bags. With them you will not have to worry about leaving them forgotten anywhere and they will also be less exposed to the hands of strangersimage?w=604&h=55&rev=1&ac=1&parent=1VgZY

Therefore, it is one of the most recommended bags for traveling.


Fanny packs for men

The new fanny packs are designed so that they can also enjoy their benefits while still having style.

You will no longer have to carry pockets full of gadgets.

This year, we will see more men wearing fanny packs and tote bags (maxi bags) in their vacations, two trends that will give a lot of personality to men's garments.

And this fall ...

This time, it will not be a passing fad.

This fall we will also see fanny packs that will fit like a ring with any style. We will not be surprised to see fanny packs as a belt with dresses or more glamorous jackets, because fanny packs will be the coolest accessory of the season. 

If you have not yet bought a fanny pack, now is the time.

The leather fanny packs that you will find in Calpa Barcelona are perfect for any occasion. They are designed hand-crafted in our Barcelona workshops, following meticulous manual procedures and making you acquire a unique piece of great value

You can choose the color that you like the most.

What do you think of the Ana fanny bag in mustard color? And the fanny pack Carmen in green?

Place your order now!


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