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Leather backpack engraved with the flower Barcelona tile. Its size is medium, it is a lightweight accessory and ideal to carry what is necessary. You can match this backpack with any look. Anti-theft Backpack. The inside of the backpack is accessed from the back.  Measurements: 14,2 inch height x 10,6 inch width x 3,9 inch deep Composition: high quality...

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Bag with adjustable shoulder leather strap engraved with the drawing of the Eixample in Barcelona. Measurements: 12,6 inch height x 11,4 inch width x 3,5 inch deep Composition: high quality cow leather. Structure: it has two exterior pocket and one interior pocket. Manufactured in Ubrique (Cádiz)Designed by Calpa

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Anti-theft leather backpack in color yellow. Anti-theft leather backpack Measures: 15,7 x 7,9 inch Composition: high quality cowhide. Structure: Contains four outer zip pockets and one inside pocket. The inside of the backpack is accessed from the back.  Designed by Calpa and created in one of our artisan workshops in Barcelona, made with the best...

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High-quality leather cone-shaped backpack. Unique and exclusive Calpa design. Measurements: 13,77 INCH high x 11,02 INCH wide x 6,29 INCH deepComposition: high quality cowhide.Structure: the interior of the backpack is accessed from the top, the closure has a zipper. It has a single cavity with a small pocket inside.Designed by Calpa and created in one of...

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