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Leather wallet and purse engraved with a different types of tiles. Composition: high quality cowhide.Structure: three sides available for inserting cards and photographs. Holder for banknotes and a pocket for coins.Available in three sizes. Manufactured in Ubrique (Cádiz). Designed by Calpa.

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Leather wallet engraved with a Barcelona tile drawing Measures: 5,9 x 3,1 inch Composition: high quality cowhide. Structure: a single cavity Manufactured in Ubrique (Cádiz) Designed by Calpa

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Leather purse engraved with the symbol of the Barcelona´s Modernisme Route. Measurements: 3,5 inch height x 3,5 inch width Composition: high quality cow leather. Structure: a single compartment with zipper. Manufactured in Ubrique (Cádiz) Designed by Calpa

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