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The engraving of the designs in our Gaudí bags and backpacks

En: viernes, junio 8, 2018

Today we will talk about how we carry out the engraving of the designs in our Gaudí bags and backpacks!

The engravings are made in Ubrique (Cádiz), they are created thanks to a plate that has been previously bought and manufactured.

It takes a lot of work because in the first place, we must find the design we want to obtain and subsequently create the plate.

Once we have our expensive and desired plate... we start the engraving! After having heated this device to very high temperatures we will proceed to make the engraving on the skin... et voilà! The result is gorgeous, radiant and glowing.

The real magic of all this is that each piece we create is truly handmade, so it will never be the same as any other, that's why your backpack or handbag will be truly unique in the universe.


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